Sunday, February 24, 2013

You think you are smart, punk?

I admit it.  I am a lazy blogger.  I am a poor writer. Many others do a much better job than me.

So herewith an article reflecting my own sentiments.  I could not have said it better than this.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The One Legged Investor

The title of this post was prompted by a good friend and fellow value investor. He recently emailed me to tell me that he was as busy as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest.  Well, it is reporting season on the ASX after all.

The one-legged man construct was a very clever use of vivid imagery by Charlie Munger to hammer home his message concerning the advantages of multi-disciplinary learning.  I use this imagery on myself with a slight twist- there is always something that I do not know, and hence, I am the one-legged investor in the ASX bottom picking contest. 

Readers will note that I have even changed the blog name to reflect this.

And herewith, without further ado, are my snippets from recent half year results:

CSL continues to forge ahead. R & D is now a whopping US$190m per half year. 

CBA is benefitting from Ian Narev’s focussed approach, centred on improving core competencies and customer service via use of technology.  A recent interview with the Business Spectator illuminates further Narev’s risk management approach.  My preferred bank by a country mile, but not at current prices.

CPU results were lacklustre. A big chunk of earnings contributed by margin income, which is unsustainable in the long term.

REA FY revenue estimated at $300m, and market cap is now over $3.3b yielding a market cap/sales ratio of 11.  IPP 2012 revenue is $15m and market cap is $180m yielding a market cap/sales ratio of 12.  Both still growing strongly

CCV reported good growth in personal finance.  Heads up TGA.

COF- three directors picking up shares.

BSA- continuing with dismal results.

FFI revenue and profits slightly down, affected by difficult trading conditions and rising costs. Full effect of property deals will not flow until 2014.  ACCC inquiry into supermarkets behaviour may improve FFI’s margins in the future.

FGE HY results- as expected. Revenue of $504m, EBITDA $62m, NPBT of $50m, NPAT $34m.  Cash on hand of $187m, order book $1.04b, and work won over last 6 months total $600m, with management providing a strong outlook for growth. Contrast this with sombre outlook from MND, which has spooked the market.  Capex $11m.  If iron ore prices continue to stabilise, projects by RIO, FMG and Roy Hill will go ahead, and FGE is the front running incumbent for these huge projects.

CLO- cash holding increased to $177m. Record order book.

SRV results held up despite difficult conditions (77% occupancy).  Operations churned out cashflow of $18m this half.  US is now cashflow neutral, with 2 floors turning mature, and 19 floors still immature. Earnings figure boosted by $3m due to artificial change in accounting treatment with the lowering of depreciation rate for leases from 15% to 10%. But the focus is clearly on cashflow.  With a market cap of $330m, and backing out cash of $100m, SRV has an EV of $230m underpinned by over $30m in operating cashflow.

FMG- Operating Cashflow barely enough to cover Interest during last half when IO price collapsed despite average realised price of US$116 per metric tonne.  There is no room for hiccups here due to the high leverage. On the bright side, FMG announced commencement of last phase of Solomon, which will benefit FGE.

IFM continues to improve under the guidance of its founder CEO. Revenue up 4% but NPAT surged 30%. A reminder that I missed this opportunity at prices under 20 cents.  SP is now over 40 cents. 

CDA has hit the ball completely out of the ballpark.  Metal detection division’s revenue of $91m for the last six months is nearly equal to one year of sales last FY.  Mining technology is also increasing strongly, albeit from a lower base. I am a bit worried about the Daniel’s acquisition. Management has upgrade guidance from $40m to $50m NPAT for this FY. I reckon this will be exceeded. Metal detection market is mind blowingly huge, even management has no idea how to quantify it.

Readers with a statistical bent will note the preponderance of shares starting with the letter C.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

COF: update

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

COF published its half yearly results on 11 February 2013.  Revenues from Geosciences and International Development increased from previous half, and revenue from Project Management decreased. Margins for Geosciences decreased, margins from International Development increased, and Project Management incurred a loss. Overall, this is quite a commendable result given the difficult conditions in the last half year within the mining and mining services sector. 

I am expecting a much better result this half given the improvements in conditions. In any event, COF's financials are clearly improving since my last posting here:

Cashflow looks very good. After adjusting the operating cashflow to account for movements in trade receivables, trade payables, increase in debt and increase in cash holding, the half year operating cashflow comes to about $17m.  Net debt has decreased to $61m.

Market cap has increased from $82m since last posting to about $100m on 11 February 2013. A conservative estimate of full year cashflow at $25m yields an enterprise value/cashflow ratio of 6.4. My view that a fair value ratio of 10 remains, and hence COF appears to remain good value despite a 25% increase in price.

Disclosure: The author owns shares in COF.

Disclaimer: the content of this post is not to be relied on as financial advice.  It contains my personal opinion only, plus facts that I cannot verify to be accurate.  Do your own research and seek financial advice where appropriate. I have made many mistakes in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.