Sunday, February 24, 2013

You think you are smart, punk?

I admit it.  I am a lazy blogger.  I am a poor writer. Many others do a much better job than me.

So herewith an article reflecting my own sentiments.  I could not have said it better than this.


Dean said...

Hi Peter, yeah that was a good post. I've been feeling dumb of late as most things I've sold continued to move higher, especially in the telco sector.

On the upside, having a big pile of cash let's me enjoy this cyclical bull. It may be self-deception, but I prefer to be in a position where I don't care which way the market goes. If it goes higher I get to sell more at even better prices, if it goes lower I'm cashed up and ready to pounce (well not quite ready as I'm still reviewing my short list).

I wonder how those long-term fully invested people ever get to buy low?

Best wishes :D

Peter Phan said...

Thanks for dropping by Dean. None of my holdings are at giggle levels yet, but I am looking closely at those that are close to fully valued. Portfolio are still over 50% in cash. Situation is "not optimal" but nothing I can do if the buying aint good.