Thursday, October 9, 2014

Interesting Articles

Slow advance of battery technology and implications in an article published by Business Spectator.

More academia navel gazing on the NBN here. Some food for thought on ultimate landscape of our telecommunications industry, except that the focus is way too narrow given the inexorable convergence of IT and telecommunications. Man with a hammer syndrome I reckon.

John Hempton's usual considerable intellectual heft being targeted at the future of telecommunications spectrum, relatively heavy reading here. Relevance once again to possible future landscape for telecommunications industry.

A not-too-recent article on Walter Schloss here. Investing wisdom is timeless, and I strive to learn from the preeminent, both dead or alive.

Warren Buffett's recent interview here. Most memorable quotes:

1. "You know you have a bad business when you have a good manager and still get bad results."
2. "You are nothing to the stock. The stock does not care about your buy price. The stock has no feelings for you. It just doesn't care."
3."Over one lifetime, USA GDP has increased by nearly 6-fold. This has never happened before."

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