Sunday, March 19, 2017

Li Lu 2015: The Prospects of Value Investing in China

Note: Do not skip this post even if you are not interested in investing in China. You will be much the poorer for it.

This is a translated version of a talk given by Li Lu in 2015 at Peking University.

Readers might know that Li Lu is one of the few managers that Charlie Munger has invested with.

The transcript is a rare gem as Li Lu does not publish a lot.

In the great tradition of multi-disciplinary learning, it is apparent that Li Lu has drawn upon and synthesised a lot of major ideas from other areas. I am sure I will not be able to identify everything, but I can see ideas from Yuval Harari and Jared Diamond clearly being applied.

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p/s It appears that the link to the document no longer works. If anyone wants a copy of the talk, please email me.


galumay said...

I found another transcript here,

Peter Phan said...

Thank you Galumay, very much appreciated. I am also in the process of putting up the article on the website of Castlereagh Equity.